Damaged 2 Review: Ruins The Horror Genre

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Damaged 2 is out now on MXPlayer. The web series is a seven parter. Each episode having a run time of roughly 15 minutes, you can watch this within an hour or two. Should you do it though, here’s our review for you to make your decision.

Damaged 2 The Plot:

A couple comes to a homestay in a rural area,  with their daughter. On their way, the driver tells them about local lore, Dandpret, the spirit that punishes. The spirit haunts anyone who has committed a crime.  The next day, their daughter disappears, and everyone becomes a suspect. As the police begin their investigation, all the characters spiral in a web of crime, intrigue and untold secrets.Aakanksha Kadre and Sachin Paarikh play the travelers. Hina Khan and Adhyayan Suman play the owners of the homestay.

Damaged 2 Review:

Damaged 2 is a classic case of a good idea going down the hill because of an uninspired screenplay and direction. The screenplay has several loopholes and screenplay inconsistencies.  The characters show a blatant disregard for the major events happening around them.

The cinematography of the series is very old-school, low budget TV. I wonder how the series ended up on a platform like MXPlayer.  MXPlayer has given us interesting and more importantly well-made series like Thinkistaan and Queen.

Hina Khan, the biggest name in the series is screechingly loud and does nothing to add to the story. The camera’s obviously in love with her.  Her character is one of the most lamely written in recent times – horror or otherwise. She hams it up and just doesn’t do justice to the faith that the director and the screenplay put in her.

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She has a chance to redeem it all and create a classic character in a psychological piece, but she again runs it. Sitting cross-legged on a chair and aggressively smoking a joint doesn’t make you an interesting character.

The screenplay has no time to delve on the serious incident of a girl disappearing from a hotel. Instead, it goes full throttle on aspects like women smoking joints, women inhaling drugs, so on and so forth. The only tight shot in the entire series is of Hina Khan having somewhat of a nervous breakdown after taking in a few lines and smoking a joint. Aakanksha Kadre tries to breathe in some kind of sense in the series, but  ends up being another screeching, shouting woman in a horror movie.

Another aspect that’s irritating is the art direction. Seems like absolutely zero thought has gone into the costumes and the aspect of trying to bring a chunk of village life on to our screens. Audiences looking to know what life in the Maharashtra rural area are better off watching Vishal Furia’s Lapachhapi.



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