David Harbour is Red Guardian in Black Widow Trailer

Stranger Things fans rejoice. David Harbour has joined the Marvelverse as Red Guardian. We felt sad that his character disappeared at the end of Stranger Things 3.   Hardcore Stranger Things fan will tell you that the series loses its soul if  Harbour’s character doesn’t return.  We will see more of David Harbour, as he plays the Red Guardian in the upcoming Marvel film, Black Widow.

There’s very little known about what’s the timeline in the film but it seems like this is a prequel film to the Avengers franchise. In the comics, Red Guardian was Russia’s answer to Captain America.  He is Alexei Shostakov, the second version of the Red Guardian. More importantly, he is Natasha Romanova’s husband. That makes quite an important character in the Marvelverse.

In the comic books, Red Guardian disappears under a volcano at the end of a battle.  He battles Colonel Ling, along with Black Widow and Captain America.   There are seven Red Guardians. Currently, Nicolai Krylenco, is the Vanguard and leads the Winter Guard.

I don’t know why David inspires producers to cast him as characters who are beating up Russians.  Stranger Things fans will remember that Stranger Things is about a secret Russian program to do something that will destroy America. Is it the square-jawed, broad-chested look that’s reminiscent of a matured up Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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