Diane Lane Joins Kevin Costner For Let Him Go

Diane Lane is coming to us in the thriller-horror movie, Let Him Go. She stars with Kevin Costner. Let Him Go has an interesting concept. Diane and Kevin play grandparents who must conflict with a dangerous family that lives off the grid for their grandson after their son dies in mysterious circumstances.

Thomas Bezucha writes and directs Let Him Go.  Along with Diane Lane and Kevin Costner, Lesley Manville forms the cast.  Lane and Costner have earlier played a pair in the Man of Steel, where they played the Kents. They also starred together in the movies Judge Dredd, Murder at 1600 and The Glasshouse. Their credits also include Unfaithful and Untraceable.

The concept of an avenging/saving grand-couple is unique, as in, it’s never been done in Hollywood, so this should be interesting. Of course, we have had many dads and moms looking to save their kids, but this one is a bit out of the box. But then, Hollywood hasn’t shied away from older characters avenging. There’s the Michael Caine starrer Harry Brown and so many Danny Trejo movies.  So, we know that this could be another feather in the cap for Hollywood.

Hollywood has kept away from the concept of off-the-grid people as well, and I wonder why. That concept is perfect fodder for a sci-fi thriller or even an action thriller that’s currently in motion. Let’s see how this shapes up.

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