Doctor Strange 2 is Legitimately Scary: Kevin Feige

Doctor Strange is up for another outing with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.  Kevin Feige, the papa over at Marvel has said that the Hollywood superhero movie will be legitimately scary.

During a media interaction, Feige said that he won’t go as big as terming the new movie a horror movie, but it has its scary sequences. Apparently, Feige has his own brand of being scared. He clubs it as being different from the classic horror and scares that we experience in slasher flicks like Saw. He likes adding scary aspects that hike up the entertainment value.

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This is in tandem with the upcoming Marvel movie, The New Mutants. Yesterday, I told you about the three Hollywood horror movies that influenced the movie. Today, there’s news that legendary director Sam Raimi will bring the new Doctor Strange movie to the screens. Sam Raimi is the man behind such incredible works like The Evil Dead franchise, the original Spider-Man franchise and Drag Me To Hell. Its god to see that superhero movies are embracing the DNA of horror with the upcoming movies. Will this become a trend so that every superhero movie becomes a horror movie somewhere down the line? Time will tell.

All this spells nothing but good news for the franchise. The Doctor Strange concept is always home to some great supernatural and horror stuff. After all, there’s only so much time-travel and out of body experiences you can write without bringing some great ghost out, right?

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