Dollywood Play Streams Dubbed Movies!

Dollywood Play is a new streaming service and a great option for consumers of horror fiction content. The OTT platform exclusively streams dubbed movies from the South so you can view post modern horror movies like Woh Phir Aayegi, Garuda Superhero, and more. This is a great service for anyone looking for low-brow entertainment and not wanting to pay a lot of money.

Before Dollywood Play, people wanting to watch dubbed movies had only two options. They paid for a Hotstar or a SonyLIV subscription and the other option was watching dubbed movies at YouTube.  I am watching one of the movies on the site right now. The dubbing quality is much better than the dubs available on YouTube.

Users can now easily download the android, iOS app or visit to watch hundreds of curated videos available as Full Movies, Mini Movies (20 minutes’ versions of full length movies), Clips (Comedy, Action & Hot scenes), Music Videos (item numbers).

The market of South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi is confusing and full of clutter. There’s no definite way to know which dubbed movie is which and the market is a glut of misleading posters, illegal rips that ruin the viewing experience.

Dollywood Play makes it easier for Hindi dubbed movie lovers to discover their favourite content. It curates the desired content and makes it available on its platform. The platform has user friendly features as well.

Features of Dollywood Play:

  1. user interface in two languages; Hindi and English
  2. movies with correct titles and story synopsis
  3. download to watch offline later
  4. mark your favourite videos
  5. filters for personalised search across genres
  6. spot-on-recommendations
  7. timely alerts and notifications

The platform’s design caters to  subscribers and strives to create a wholesome viewing experience. I am all for such platforms and its high time that Indian companies come away from the idea of Internet of Things and starts looking at genre-specific and market specific services.

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