Dracula Gets A Release Date for Netflix

Dracula Web Series

Dracula is coming to BBC One and then, a few days later, it’s coming to Netflix as a Netflix Original. As I have noted earlier, this is a visceral, violent version of Dracula that only BBC One can make. Few know about the sex and gore-filled series by BBC, Spartacus. If you like that kind of raw content, this one should be for you. I also reported earlier that Netflix has picked the streaming rights for Dracula as well. Now, Netflix dropped a Netflix specific trailer for the series based on the world’s most famous vampire and also announced the release date – January 4. So, it will launch a few days from the BBC One release.

Interestingly, Netflix has branded it as a Netflix Original. So, can we look forward to a Season 2 or a Dracula Season 3? Or do we wait for Netflix to make some fresh content based on the classic monsters? We know Universal tried to set up a Darkverse but that didn’t work. But then, The Invisible Man trailer looks so promising, I think these retro horror guys might just be on the verge of a comeback.

Watch Dracula Netflix trailer here:

The web series comes to BBC One on January 1 and will have a staggered release through three days. It comes on Netflix on January 4. I think Netflix will drop all the episodes on one day. Stay tuned for the review. 🙂

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