Dracula Is Coming, But Have You Seen Khooni Dracula?

Dracula Web Series

Dracula is one of the most iconic horror characters. Indian audiences haven’t had a good taste of him, even though Bram Stoker’s Dracula was in theaters. Many of the zombie/demons in the Ramsay movies were an ode to Dracula, most memorable among them is Bandh Darwaza. There’s no denying that the Nevla’s character from the movie takes inspiration from the Dracula look, complete with slicked-back hair and a suit.

Watch Bandh Darwaza here:

But there’s another Bollywood Dracula movie that’s on the verge of falling down the cliff of Forget, Khooni Dracula. Bollywood horror movie fans and critics consider it to be a classic exploitation movie, and its a rare find nowadays. Even the YouTube link doesn’t satiate. The movie stops at around 45 minutes.

This is classic Z-Grade cinema, with unknown actors and low, very low production values. Harinam Singh is a name that’s dear to horror movie fans. In Harinam Singh’s Khooni Dracula, the titular character literally moves around in the neighborhood seducing women. His introductory scene has him wake up and someone orders him to suck their niece’s blood.  The Bollywood horror movie is chock-a-block with double entendre and regressive views, so watch it at your own risk.

Watch Khooni Dracula here:

Another Bollywood horror movie that dabbles with the Dracula character is Wohi Bhayanak Raat. Kiran Kumar plays the debonair character, who seduces women in his neighborhood. His neighbor finds out that he’s preying on women and tries to stop it – and the bodies start piling up. This one is a remake of a Southern movie, which is also available on YouTube. I will put up that link when I find it.

Watch Wohi Bhayanak Raat here:

Streaming audiences will be all out for the Dracula series. I am sure some of them will remember these little known movies as well., 🙂

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