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Netflix Original Dracula is the latest series/film/book that explores the legendary character. Indians are familiar to the X rated Bram Stoker’s Dracula – a Hollywood horror movie from the late nineties. Bollywood has given ode to the Dracula character several times. The iconic demon character in the Bollywood horror movies like Bandh Darwaza had a striking resemblance to the Dracula character. There’s our own Z Grade Dracula movie with the title being the name of the character.

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With Indians feeding on such tropes for the past twenty years, how will they react to this BBC production that’s found its way to Netflix? Read our Dracula review to find out.

The Netflix Original Dracula is the most interesting, serious take on the legendary character. The series starts with Dracula trying to travel to America and using several men and women to achieve this end.

Content creators all over the world have tried to decipher what makes a perfect series, and create a perfect character. One that ends tantalizingly and character that doesn’t overstay his or her welcome. Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss have earlier created the phenomenal Sherlock, so they know their stuff. The expertise in their craft is out there for all to see.

The creators have succeeded in creating a stunning series that captures the audience’s attention and keeps them rapt. The series has its own swag, with the creators being old enough to unfurl the reasons behind some of the classic Dracula trope – for example, why does he drink blood? Why is he afraid of the crucifix, so on and so forth.

The creators are open-handed with their talk about spirituality, religion and other matters of faith. Monologues make classics. One of them exist in the first episode itself. This monologue, given by a Nun to the other nuns as they await an impending attack, is one that sets the tone for the series – dark, brooding, but inherently positive.

It’s not that Dracula is all about spitfire and monologues. No, at the heart of it, Dracula has a crackling script that’s equally comfortable with the spiritual and the comedy. The underlying comedy that the Dracula script possesses promises a merry trail for the audiences.

The performances are out of the world. If Claes Bang gives an extempore, it’s Dolly Wells who truly holds the show together. And its complicated. You have a series about an antagonist, so the protagonist essentially becomes the antagonist. Trust Dolly Wells to bring this character to life with a bite of humor included. The memorable scenes in this Netflix Original are not the gore and slashing. They are the duologue between Dracula and Dolly Well’s character, a certain Agatha with an ‘aha’ surname.

Dracula is everything for everyone – and that’s a rarity. It’s a cold, cool thriller. It’s a murder mystery, it’s a fantasy, its a horror series. The series works so well because the creators have a certain irreverence coupled with a vision for the genre that few have.

Definitely, watch this one.

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