Drew Barrymore Starrer Firestarter Gets Blumhouse Reboot

Drew Barrymore starred in some of the most interesting projects as a child actor and Firestarter was one of them. The movie was the third that she starred in, and her character is basically a roadmap to the eerie/weird kid trope that we’ve seen in genre movies. Now, this retro Hollywood horror movie is up for a reboot and none other than Blumhouse has taken up the project.

Scott Teems, who has written the screenplay for Halloween Kills will be writing Firestarter. Jason Blum and Akiva Goldsman will produce.  Martha De Laurentiis will executive produce this science fiction horror movie.

In the movie, Barrymore is a child with supernatural powers – which she gets after her parents take part in an experiment. Both the parents get telepathic powers and the child inherits them as well.  Firestarter was the adaptation of a Stephen King novel of the same name.

Watch the  Drew Barrymore Original Firestarter Trailer here:

With this, Firestarter becomes the latest iconic brand to come to Blumhouse and to modern audiences. Blumhouse is already making reboots and reimaginings of the eighties franchises like Halloween and even bringing back legendary characters like The Invisible Man.

Creators have adapted Stephen King novels over a hundred times, making him one of the most-adapted authors of all time. Before Marvel and Sony started making superhero movies, Stephen King was the go-to man. He still is, with his novel adaptations going to Netflix as well as mainstream cinema.

Some of his adaptations that made the theaters were the It franchise, the sequel to The Shining., Dr. Sleep and others. Netflix also picked up several of his novels to make into series.

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