Event Horizon Remake In The Works?

Event Horizon is a cult classic – and someone out there is looking to remake the space-based Hollywood horror movie. Paul W.S. Anderson directed the original 1997 classic about a space ship that disappears, only to return. When it does, it has actually traveled through a dimension that’s very similar to hell itself.

Upon release, Event Horizon was a commercial and critical failure. However, when the movie hit the DVD circuit, it became profitable. Lawrence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan, and others were part of the crew. This time around, there are rumors that the makers are Milla Jovovich for a part in the movie.

Watch the Event Horizon trailer here:

Event Horizon joins the big list of retro franchises that are returning. In this year, we have releases like Fantasy Island and The Invisible Man, Later on, we have the franchise additions in franchises like Halloween and others. We also have news about a reboot of the creature horror movie, Anaconda.

If this happens, we might be looking at this generation’s Alien. Jovovich is a sci-fi horror alum already, with her work in Hollywood horror movies like Resident Evil and Hellboy 2.


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