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In 2020 and beyond, it’s going to rain remakes, reboots, and sequel additions. Blumhouse is responsible for a clump of those. The name is now synonymous with classic horror. With their Fantasy Island reboot, Blumhouse ventures into the supernatural/horror/action territory. Does Blumhouse have it in them to give this genre something as iconic as their Conjuring series? Find out by reading our Fantast Island review.

Fantasy Island Plot:

Fantasy Island is actually the movie in an old franchise. In the early 70s, Fantasy Island aired in the United States and ran for seven seasons. The series was set on an island that granted people an opportunity to live out their fantasies. A certain Mr.Roarke and his henchman, Tattoo, run the island and enable the visitors to live out their fantasies. The series was more of an adventure/supernatural series with a few action elements. In 2020, Blumhouse brings us what the reviewers are saying is the horror adaptation of the series.

In the current movie, five people, four men, and two women win the invite to Fantasy Island As per the answers to their questionnaire, they get their fantasies. One of the women wants to teach her bully a lesson. Another wants to relive her life to a situation that’s her only regret. Yet another police officer who had aspirations to become a soldier wants to hold on to that fantasy. Last but not the least, two brothers want to have the party of their lifetime.  All of them are in for a rude surprise though. To quote a cliche, their deepest fantasy becomes their worst nightmare.

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Fantasy Island Review:

To put it bluntly, Fantasy Island is a dull movie with a plot that just refuses to connect with the audience. To begin with, none of the characters remain with the audience. That’s because we know nothing about them before they’ve landed on the island. Whatever we find out about them forms part of the plot – so there’s no real character building here.

Director Jeff Waldow and the writers Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs had a wonderful opportunity to create a genre-breaking movie with this one – ghosts on a supernatural island. They give that away to create what’s a very weak summer movie. You have the henchmen, you have the hench-MAN, you have the underdog and the potential to break PG-13. But all we get is a script that’s very mid-week TV.

The much-touted horror version of Fantasy Island falls flat as well. There’s nothing here for hardcore horror fans. Not in terms of an interesting backstory, neither in terms of a screenplay that celebrates horror tropes and invokes new ones. You should skip this one.


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