Fear Files New Promo Hints At True Horror Stories

Fear Files is a popular horror franchise for ZEE.  Horror fans will be happy to know that the next season of Fear Files is upon us. The brand new season starts on May 25. The series will broadcast from Monday to Saturday, at the legendary sweet spot of 10:30 PM.  watch the promo for  here:

There’s no word about whether the latest season will be available on ZEE5 as well.  Indian  entertainment channels still have a ‘TV first’ concept. The latest episodes of their famous series don’t start streaming for a long while. The horror webseries has worked extremely well for ZEE, with it becoming one of the first Indian horror shows to hit Netflix.

Fear Files first hit the TV screens in 2014.  The first season had a whopping 200+ episodes. The second season had 80+ episodes and ran in 2016.  The third season ran in 2017 and had 158 episodes. The fourth season ran from 2018 to 2019.

Indian television and Indian streaming channels are once again waking up to the closed audience that they have for horror content. In the nineties, SONY and ZEE both had great series like Aahat and The Zee Horror Show. In fact,  the Ramsays made the ZEE Horror Show and stopped making their brand of kitsch horror series.

Earlier, ZEE brought their iconic series, ZEE Horror Show back for the TV audiences. That cause quite some buzz online and horror bootleggers looked at it as a chance of getting fresh copies of their favorite ZEE Horror Show episodes. However, the show has always been available on the ZEE5  streaming platform, so streaming audiences weren’t very pepped up about it all.

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