Go Goa Gone 2 is a reality! Eros Now announces

Go Goa Gone 2 is finally a reality. The sequel to the sleeper hit, Go Goa Gone, was the talking point for Bollywood horror movie fans for a while. Along with Bhool Bhulaiya 2, this was the Bollywood horror everyone wanted and Eros Now has made the announcement.

The movie was the one that actually started the horror-comedy thing for Bollywood. Every time Maddock Films would announce one of their movies, the journalists were sure to ask whether there’s a Goa Goa Gone 2 in the works. The answers would be positive, but nothing concrete. Today, Eros Now has announced the sequel via Twitter.

Watch Go, Goa, Gone Trailer:

The poster reveals that the original minds, Maddock Films are associated. No word on who the cast would be. The previous movie’s cast comprises of Kunal Khemmu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari. Saif Ali Khan played a genuinely funny role – one of his iconic ones, I am sure.

The Bollywood horror comedy had all the aspects that struck bullseye with the woke millennial audience. A genuine take into how the work culture is killing people. How the youth is looking at marijuana and other drugs as recreational instead of something that kills them. The movie also had a plot point that involved a whole conspiracy theory about zombies and drugs – what more do you need to make a zombie comedy?

I’d love to see the Saif Ali Khan character return. There are high chances of that happening, with so many woke websites about films saying that it is one of the most memorable characters in Bollywood. It’s Saif Ali Khan all the way. His role is a little more than a cameo, but becomes one of the memorable aspects of the movie and Bollywood movies in general.

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