Haiwaan – The Monster Review: Sci Fi finally returns to Indian TV

Haiwaan - The Monster Horror Series

Let’s face it – TV doesn’t have a single scifi property currently. So, it was a respite when ZEE launched Haiwan – The Monster. Haiwaan is  about three friends who’s life changes after one of them is part of a scientific experiment. Here is our complete review of Haiwaan – The Monster. Haiwan – The Monster is available on ZEE TV and the online streaming platform, ZEE5.

Haiwaan – The Monster Plot

Haiwan – The Monster tells the story of two rich, business families. That’s staple for TV. But this time, the business families are a tech and a pharmaceutical business. The show is set in Shimodra, Himachal Pradesh. The two warring businesses are Randhir Agnihotri Industries and GP Pharmaceuticals. The main characters are the heir of the Agnihotri family, Randhir, his best friend, Ansh. Completing the mix is Amrita, a police officer who is also friend to Randhir and Ansh. On the antagonist side, we have the female chief of GP Pharamceuticals. Years earlier, Randhir’s father created a creature built to save mankind from evil. The head of GP Pharmaceuticals, hijacked the project and stole the creature. Years later, Randhir has vowed revenge, he just doesn’t know how. Meanwhile, the creature is wreaking havoc and committing murders in the area.

Haiwaan – The Monster Review

Haiwaan is good news for Indian sci-fi fans who longed to see something sci-fi come from an Indian tadka. The CGI is staple TV, but at least we have something to watch when it comes to Indian sci-fi. This is the very first episode, so I can’t comment on the storyarcs. However, the idea of marrying off creature horror with business warfare is an interesting proposition. The initial scenes show that there can be typical Indian tv story arcs like saas-bahu and family intrigue.

The series runs on ZEE TV every Saturday and Sunday.

Cast: Param Singh, Ridhima Pandit, Ankit Mohan. 


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