Halloween Kills Might Not Release In October

Halloween Kills, Hollywood Horror Movie Franchise
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Halloween Kills, the latest addition to the iconic Hollywood horror movie franchise,  is set to hit theaters in October. But there’s no confirmation. During an interaction with ET, Jason Blum revealed he was unsure about the movie  making its October release, in not as many words.

Halloween Kills is the continuation of the Halloween series. The second movie in the fresh new lease that the Hollywood horror movie franchise got with the Halloween (2019) release. The franchise won rave reviews and is at the forefront of a 80s horror revival that Hollywood execs are trying. With Halloween, we also have The Invisible Man and Fantasy Island movies that released in 2019.

There’s been a lot of information trickling out about the new Halloween movie. To begin with, leaked images proved that the hospital was making a comeback with Halloween Kills. Other than that, there was news that at least one iconic character was returning to the franchise. There’s been reports that the Dr. Loomis character is returning to the franchise as well. The Dr. Loomis character was in the news ever since he first appeared in the original 1978 movie. Donald Pleasance, who initially played the character, died post the movie’s release. The character was so liked that he was hurried into the production and someone else played Dr. Loomis. Multiple media outlets have confirmed that Halloween Kills will see a return of the Dr. Loomis character, but only as a flashback from the original movie.

There were a lot of exciting updates about the Halloween Kills movie, including initial audience reactions that were out of this world. Here’s hoping the horror fiction industry can scrape out of the pandemic and survive another night.

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