Halloween Kills Test Results Are Out

Halloween Kills is the second movie in the hit Hollywood horror franchise, Halloween Kills. Horror fans are anticipating the movie and rightly so. The first movie in this reboot franchise was critical acclaim and commercial success. With one more movie already in the pipeline, there was every reason for this movie to succeed.

There’s this little thing in Hollywood, test screenings. I am not sure if these happen in India, but I think they should. So, basically, the makers show the movie to a target group to gauge how good the movie will be.

Watch Halloween Kills Trailer:

You will find out the fascinating story of how so many movies have changed their endings or added some stuff to the movie after the test screenings. Like all major Hollywood productions, Halloween has had its test screenings and here are the results:

Test audiences have loved the movie. Some of them were giving out spoilers, but I haven’t taken any of them. The test audience also said that the movie seemed organic. One other result says that the movie while feeling fresh, felt like an ode to the older Halloween movies. The test audiences have even made YouTube videos to tell us how great the movie has shaped up.

Some of the spoilers are just news that’s been around for a while. For example, IHC told you that a major character was returning to the fold. Also, there were some shooting photos that told us that Halloween was returning to the Haddonfield hospital.

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