Hellboy Has Similarities to Purana Mandir!

This will come as a surprise. We all talk about how Bollywood horror films ripped off Hollywood horror films. Every time there’s this discussion, people talk about how Mahakaal is a rip off of Nightmare on Elm Street and how Paapi Gudia is a rip off of Child’s Play. But today, I will tell you about one of those rare times when a Hollywood film has some aspects that are right out of a Bollywood film – well, literally.

The new Hellboy (my favorite franchise) was a box office bomb.  Therefore we didn’t get to hear or see much about it. Thank God this wasn’t Bollywood media.  They’d connect Stranger Things to Hellboy and all hell would break loose – via the David Harbor connection.  I got hold of the fantasy film today, and guess what I see.  The beginning of the film has some weird similarity to apna horror film, Purana Mandir.

Watch Purana Mandir here:


Here’s the Wikipedia entry for the Hollywood film Hellboy (2019):

In the Dark Ages on 517 A.D., the evil Blood Queen Vivienne Nimue unleashes a plague on England. King Arthur thwarts her with Ganeida’s aid, a member of her coven. Arthur uses Excalibur to dismember Nimue, and hides her remains across England.

And here’s the Wikipedia entry for the Bollywood horror film Purana Mandir (1984):

The rajpurohit (royal priest) suggests Samri be subjected to pure Agni i.e. to be cremated. The Raja proposes another sentence—Samri is to be decapitated, with the headless body to be buried behind the old temple at Kalighat and the head secured in a strong-box to be kept at the Raja’s haveli (mansion). The strongbox is chained with a trishul as advised by the rajpurohit (trident, the weapon of the Hindu God Shiva) to hold the evil in thrall.

Horror alums enact both the scenes. Anirudh Agarwal plays the demon’s role in Purana Mandir. In Hellboy (2019), Milla Jovovich, she of the Resident Evil franchise plays the evil witch. It will be a far fetched idea that the makers of Hellboy, who had oodles of comic books at their beck and call watch some obscure Bollywood horror film, but then… can’t we just have fun some sometimes.

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