Hellraiser Remake In The Works

A Pinhead remake is on the way. David Goyer is writing and directing a re-imagination of the iconic character

Hellraiser franchise introduced audiences to one of the most enduring images in Hollywood horror – Pinhead. The franchise lasted quite a while. But thankfully, its time for some more lamentations. David Goyer is all set to produce and write a re-imagining of the iconic horror movie franchise, according to this Vulture article. 

Watch Hellraiser Judgement trailer here:

The franchise is strong in the box office since the first movie released in 1987.  Since then, nine other Hellraiser movies have hit the box office, with the last being Hellraiser: Judgement in 2018. 

With the Pinhead character, horror movies got one of their most iconic and visually captivating characters. In fact, the pin getup ranks pretty high, in place with the Leatherface and the hockey mask getup. 

With news of a re-imagination, we shall see how Goyer re-imagines what is a benchmark of horror movie looks.  In fact, critics and fans consider Hellraiser to be one of the first slasher/gore movies, a genre that the SAW movies captured wholesale. 

Along with Hellraiser, a lot many retro and even older horror franchises and movies are going down the reboot and sequel way. The success of the Halloween franchise and its reincarnation acted like a lightning rod for the remake-sequel industry. We already have an Invisible Man reboot that really worked. The Fantasy Island horror trope didn’t.

We will have to wait for a while to see how this one pans out. 



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