Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Is Starring In A Horror Film

Hollywood Horror Movies Daniel Isnt Real

The trailer for the new psychological horror film, Daniel Isn’t Real is out. The film is about a boy who faces psychological trauma. In his mind, he resurrects an imaginary character to help him cope with his issues. This concept is a typical Hollywood horror movies trope, so we’ll need to see how things turn out this time around. In the film, of course,  things  don’t go as planned, creating the premise for this Hollywood horror movie. Daniel Isnt Real stars Miles Robbins and Patrick Schwarzenegger.  Imaginary friends have never been good news in any film and things don’t look this time around too.

Robbins is already a Hollywood horror movies alum. He has been part of horror films like the 2018 Halloween and the X Files film as well. Patrick Schwarzenegger, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, is a Hollywood horror movies alum and comes from the first family. He is really, the grandnephew of the former American President John F Kennedy.  He was earlier part of the Zombie comedy Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

We have seen several Bollywood horror movies as well as the Hollywood about imaginary characters. The first of the Bollywood horror movies that come to mind is Kartik Calling Kartik. When it comes to Hollywood psychological thrillers, we have films like Fight Club.The trailer’s out and it does look promising. The trailer, right now, has the right mix of psychological chills and sudden thrills. Let’s hope the film has it all too.

Watch the trailer here:


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