Hollywood Horror Film Halloween Kills Update: Marion Returns


Hollywood Horror Film Halloween Kills that releases inn 2020 is the latest entrant in the Halloween franchise. That franchise has now lived on for more than three decades. With more and more characters from the original film making their return, here’s one more to add to the mix. Nurse Marion from the original Halloween will be part of this film as well.  In the original film, Nancy Stephens played the character. The news first hit Halloweenmovies. The article states that Nancy Stephen will play the character.

This marks Nancy’s hatrick playing the role. She played the role in the original film, as well as the sequel and then, she starred as the character in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Ago. Nancy  reprises her role in Green’s sequel to last year’s hit film Halloween. She joins  Kyle Richards (as ‘Lindsey Wallace’), and series final girl Jamie Lee Curtis as ‘Laurie Strode.’ Anthony Michael Hall joins the cast as  ‘Tommy Doyle’, and Robert Longstreet as ‘Lonnie Elam.’

See the death scene here:

Since the seventies, The Halloween franchise has been critic proof. Content creators have gone back to the source material and have revamped it for three decades. After the original film launched in the seventies, the franchise went through the world of sequels till 2002. Finally, 2007, the franchise went through a reboot. In 2018, the film  went through another reimagining, with the direct sequel to the first film hitting theaters. Laurie Strode has been one of the many characters in almost all the Halloween films, and the creators have gone through great lengths to bring her back – including having her fake her death in a car crash in a Hollywood horror film. It will be interesting how the character will make a comeback. The character died at the hands of Myers in the H20 film. Halloween Kills releases October 2020.

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