Hollywood Horror Film Parasite Is a Masterpiece

The Hollywood Horror Film Parasite has got a second trailer and critics are already hailing it as a masterpiece. We know that Asia can do horror and psychological thriller well – but its rare for critics to call a film a masterpiece right off the bat. This is Bong Joon Ho‘s directorial. Joon Ho struck fame with his Netflix series, Okja. Parasite is about a poor family that comes in contact with a richer one. While everything is hunky dory in the beginning, humans being humans  cause problems. The film released in the US on October 11. Watch the trailer here:

The Hollywood Horror Parasite Film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival 2019 in May. The film won the Palm d’Or. It got a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Metacritic has given the film a 92% rating as well. Bong Joon Ho has earlier directed dark comedy as well as drama films. His Okja took international audiences by surprise. Snowpiercer is another web series that found its way to Netflix quickly. It’s a question whether Parasite will be available for Indian audiences in theaters or not. Of course, given the Bong Joon Ho name,  we might see it earlier on a streaming platform.

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