Hollywood Horror Films Props Are Selling At Insane Prices

Hollywood Horror Film

Oh, to be a kid in a candy shop all over again. Most of us will not get the chance to be exactly that, but there are some other experiences that are very near – like being able to buy Hollywood horror films props. Of course, these are iconic and y cost thousands of dollars. But then,  the owner will be the exclusive owner of history. Going under the auctioneer’s hammer are various props from films like The Shining, Alien, Addams Family and much, much more. Going through the portal, you’ll see that most of the auctions are closed. Proof there are people with good tastes all over the world.

The auction has also come up with some interesting facts about Hollywood films. Like the Bryan Cranston attire from Breaking Bad sold for under 4000 pounds, but the sword from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart sold for a whopping 61000 pounds. The prom dress from Carrie sold for a little under 3000 pounds as well. The identity cards from X Files sold for a whopping 25000 pounds as well. We can go on and on, but you should definitely have a look at the props and the prices over here.

Oh, and yes, Halle Berry’s X-Men suit sold for 25000 pounds.

These prices shouldn’t surprise anyone. I had earlier reported that the Bollywood horror films cds are available over at Amazon for more than $100. There’s an entire museum dedicated to Friday the 13th, one of the most famous Hollywood horror films.

Its sad to know that there’s still no museum for Bollywood horror. As someone who closely follows this genre, I can tell you that making a genuine, legit museum of Bollywood horror is next to impossible. The first family of Bollywood horror, the Ramsays might be game for it. But it’s still difficult to get props from the several low grade exploitation films that hit screens in the late 80s until the late nineties.

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