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Hollywood horror movies are of two kinds nowadays – the big-budget, tent pole franchise and the quick Indie film that hits theaters in spurts and bursts. The Hollywood horror film Girl on the Third Floor falls in the latter category. It stars Phil Brooks as Don Koch, earlier known as CM Punk to pro-wrestling fans, Trieste Kelly Dunne as his wife, Liz, Sarah Brooks as Sarah Yates, Elisa Dowling as Sadie, Karen Woditsch as Ellie Mueller, Travis Delgado as Milo Stone, Marshall Bean as Geary McCabe, Tonya Kay, and others. Here’s our review. Hop on to it.

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Girl on the Third Floor Plot:

Don Koch is a disgraced investor who has just wrangled out of a prison term in this horror film. His wife, Liz, buys a house outside the city and Don decides to take it up as a DIY project. He lands on the property armed with only a beer keg and a drill machine, with a trusty dog for his company.  He meets two neighbors, one of them who doesn’t want to come into the house and another who cannot have enough of him, or the house – both female. Unexpected things happen and Don finds out that the house is as safe as it seems.

Girl on the Third Floor Review: 

Girl on the Third Floor hits the right spots.  It’s a modern take on everything wrong with gender roles – old-world misogyny, mansplaining and the idea that life is a series of decisions and the world’s reactions to it.

There are many things that GOTF does right. The main character, Don, is a flawed, realistic one. Trieste Kelly Dunn does a good job as the Final Girl. Tonya Kay is equal parts sensual and terrifying in this horror film. The other commendable aspect is how the film turns on an old cliche about a haunted house to a terrifyingly entertaining story that’s got feminism.  Phil Brooks has channeled his inner Bruce Campbell for this one.

The masterstroke is Travis Stevens as director. He creates a cinematography 101 for the typical Hollywood horror film. He stamps his mastery on every scene. Whether its Don looking through the doorway or beginning to drill, Travis spooks with all.  It’s 2019 and prosthetic use is commendable. That must have kept the budgets down and makes the whole thing look more glorious on screen.




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