The Boy is Getting a Sequel, Brahms: The Boy II

With so many favorite Horror franchises getting a sequel, the announcement of his little known but quite successful Hollywood horror film flew under the radar. Come December, horror fans will see the sequel to The Boy, the 2016 sleeper hit. Brahms: The Boy II has Katie Holmes in the star cast.  William Brent Bell the director of the original film will direct this one too. This time, a family takes possession of an old house, only to have their younger son befriend a porcelain doll. The Boy is a classic case of a low budget Hollywood horror film franchise that made it big. Made on a decent budget of about $15 million, the film grossed more than $60 million, making it franchise material. There’s little doubt that the streaming boom worked for the film. The film’s available to stream.  Watch the trailer of the original film here:


In the original film, a nanny comes across a weird couple who hire her to look after what seems to be a doll. However, later, she finds the doll to be alive. The original Hollywood horror film starred Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, Jim Norton, Diane Hardcastle and others. Interestingly, The Boy doesn’t have great scores on the reviewing front. Many reviewers said that the Hollywood horror film depended on jump scares when it could do a lot more for itself and the horror film scene. Shooting for the film will begin after Brent is done with Separation, his other horror film that is set in the Victorian times.

Hollywood horror films inevitably become a franchise. The most recent case is of The Conjuring. That film had sequels andtwo spin-offs. Its makes the Bollywood horror fan wonder when Bollywood will amp up its game and give a good horror franchise in the true sense of the world. Even Bhool Bhulaiya is seeing a remake but not a sequel.

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