The Grudge Has A Spine Chilling Trailer

Hollywood Horror Film The Grudge

Hollywood horror film The Grudge has created a buzz since the first announcement. The film’s releasing in 2020 and the trailer for the film is out now – and its just what the doctor ordered for the franchise and the horror genre in general. Before we dive in, here’s the trailer:

Watch The Grudge Trailer:

This time around, the Hollywood horror film is set in America – but one of the protagonist is of Asian descent. It’s this man who experiences supernatural occurrences in his new house, which makes him call the police – a good call, actually. Unfortunately, this brings into the fold of evil several other people – and that’s what forms the premise of the Hollywood horror film, The Grudge.

Hollywood Horror Film The Grudge

Its good to see that even this version has agreed to remain true to the core concepts of the series that successfully terrified generations – spooky little girls, limbs and teeth that come out and go into grotesque places and jump scares when you f**king don’t expect – at all. The Grudge also remains loyal to other horror tropes, like the bath behind a bath shower. Only this time, the person taking the bath is John Cho and not a female character.

Hollywood Horror Film The Grudge

Sam Raimi produces this version which stars John Cho, Betty Gilpin and Andrea Riseborough. Nicholas Pesce directs this film. Also, before the confusion erupts, this film is not the remake of the iconic Japanese film. Instead, it is the remake of the 2002 film, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Interested in knowing more about the film, they’ve helpfully made a microsite for the upcoming film.

Hollywood Horror Film The Grudge



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