Friday the 13th Now Has An Official Museum.

Hollywood Horror Film Fran

New Jersey is home to many things – including the cult horror franchise Friday the 13th. New Jersey is celebrating it. On September 15th, the cast and crew of  Hollywood horror film franchise Friday the 13th film franchise were on hand to inaugurate the official museum of the film. The occasion had not one, but three Jason Voorhees and other actors from the first family of horror. Ari Lehman who played Jason Voorhees – the film series’ villain – when he was in his teens, cut the ribbon to officially open the museum.  C.J. Graham, Jason in “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives” was around too. Jason Brooks,  Jason in the Friday the 13th fan-funded Hollywood horror film “Vengeance” was present.

Hollywood Horror Film Fran

New Jersey was where the first Friday the 13th film was shot  40 years ago. The Friday the 13th museum houses  Friday the 13th film costumes and props, signed memorabilia and souvenirs for purchase, according to NJherald. The new museum will be open every Friday and Saturday.  The Friday the 13th slasher franchise has aged 40 years. But the film’s still a firm favourite for anyone looking for a good slasher film. Several actors have played the Jason character. The Jason character has done almost everything a Hollywood character would, including going to space.

So, Indian horror fans making a trip out of India, or needing a reason to make a trip out of India, you know where you should be going. Its high time that someone from India comes along and creates a museum for Bollywood horror films. That would be the most difficult tasks at hand.  Most of the producers of the films from the eighties and the nineties are AWOL Some of the actors have now semi-retired, so its difficult to get in touch with them. However, one can always dream.

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