Halloween Kills Returns to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital

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Halloween Kills is the latest addition to the Hollywood horror movies franchise Halloween. The film has most of the cast returning, and Jamie Lee Curtis is once again Laurie. I earlier reported that the franchise is also bringing back the Nurse.

Starnewsonline reports that along with the nurse, Haddonfield Memorial Hospital is making a comeback as well. The hospital is the centerpiece of the story since the second Halloween film, that released in 1981.

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According to the report, Jamie Lee Curtis and the Halloween crew shot crucial scenes for the upcoming Halloween Kills. The set photos show Jamie Lee Curtis having blood on her hands – literally – and all over her face as well.

Another interesting aspect, the filings show 300 extras for the scene.  That’s a big number of extras for a horror film. It makes me ask whether the Halloween franchise is taking the epic route with Halloween Kills.

The hospital’s return makes sense, with Nurse Marion returning. Yes, she did die in one of the sequels. But the current Halloweenverse has ignored every sequel to Halloween, including Halloween 2, the sequel in which the hospital first appeared.

The second last sequel to one of the most popular Hollywood horror movies will continue shooting in bits and pieces for a couple of weeks. David Gordon directs. Danny McBride co-writes Halloween Kills.

The film is set to hit theaters on October 16, 2020. The third part in the franchise, Halloween Ends, is slated for a release on October 15, 2021. There’s no word about the future of the franchise after the last film.

Halloween is a criticproof franchise, that’s survived 30 years. It is a marvel that such a simple story has survived three decades of changing mindsets and audience tastes. That’s good news for horror fans though, more Horror movies!

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