Stephen King Goes Scorcese, says Seed of Chucky is not Classic

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It’s opinionated time in Hollywood. Recently, Martin Scorsese came out saying that he doesn’t consider the superhero movies cinema. That tore down the door to discussions about superhero movies. Now, Stephen King, the granddaddy of Hollywood horror movies, has come out with an opinion about middling movies from big franchises. In a tweet, he disagreed with Starz, when they added the Hollywood horror movies Freddy Vs Jason and Seed of Chucky in their Halloween classics list.

Now, granted,these movies are underwhelming. In fact, Freddy Vs Jason is a 2003 release and has a 5.7 rating over at IMDb. Critics have said that Freddy Vs Jason was just a horror/slasher movie that tried to milk not one but two franchises. Seed of Chucky, again, released in 2005 and has a 4.8 rating over at IMDb. Both these movies released in the early part of the 2000 decade, not a very good one for the typical Hollywood horror movies fan.

Seed of Chucky has some stains already. It was the last Chucky movie to release in theaters. After that, the franchise was relegated to direct to video. Seed of Chucky actually had a scene where a woman is inseminated with the help of a turkey baster – not a classic Hollywood horror movies scene.

Watch that scene here:

Granted, the humble turkey baster has been used as an impregnating device in another, modern horror film, Don’t Breathe as well.  But even that scene weirded out audiences.

Watch that scene here:

Freddy Vs Jason was one of the first crossovers and is the highest grossing film in the horror franchise. That means fans at least paid top dollar to watch it when it released, but the reviews are underwhelming – with some saying that its the same slice and dice. Its no surprise that there’s not been any other crossover since then.

Twitter has agreed with Stephen King’s tweet. A casual scroll tells me that there’s nobody who’s trolling King over his tweet. This is different from the backlash that Scorsese faced when he said that the superhero films aren’t actually cinema. It’s interesting to see how nobody wants to get on the bad side of King.

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