Tom Hanks tipped for upcoming sci-fi film Major Matt Mason

Major Matt Mason

Mattel Toys has been part of every Indian’s growing up years. Our lives would be a little less colourful if we didn’t have the Mattel collection of He Man and the Masters of the Universe. Well, there’s another franchise from the House of Mattel that’s all set to rock our lives – the upcoming Hollywood sci-fi film Major Matt Mason. Major Matt Mason is a toy action figure that’s been around since the 50s. . The character lives and works on the moon.

Major Matt Mason

The antagonist and later ally in the series was Captain Lazer.  The other characters in the series were Sgt. Storm, Doug Davis, and Lt. Jeff Long.  The film has been in development since 2011. In September, Paramount Films acquired the Hollywood sci-fi film, with Akiva Goldsman and Tom Hanks producting. The film’s story is based on a short story that Michael Chabon has written. Akiva Goldsman and Tom Hanks have earlier worked together inn Da Vinci Code. So, Tom Hanks finally becomes a space man, after years of being a space man’s best friend in the little known franchise about toys Toy Story. This also becomes the second toy based project that Tom Hanks will be involved in.

The toys of the eighties seem to be making a great comeback. Earlier, rumors suggested that a film based on another Mattel Toys property, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is all set to reach the world of live-action. Let’s hope that’s the next thing coming up on our radar.

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