Horror Film Actress Charged With Real Life Murder

Reel does come over to real, but its all the scarier when it happens in the horror film genre. After all, people die and are killed – brutally – in horror films.  After the weird news that someone was really doing an Orphan in real life, I came across this news of an indie horror film actress who has been arrested on the charges of murder. Because it’s not India, the term is manslaughter. The actress, 30 year old Aisling Tucker Moore-Reed is alleged to have killed her uncle and recorded the death on her mobile. She was part of the cast in the Indie horror film, From the Dark. The film’s produced by Dark Sky Films, who also produced the very entertaining The Girl On The Third Floor. 

Watch From The Dark Trailer here:

Reed worked in the horror film under the pseudonym Wynn Reed and played the role of the girl who kills. The interesting part is that she auditioned, got the role and played the part while she was on bail. Do foreign production houses not ask people whether they have any criminal proceedings going on against them? The Producers said that they are worried now because her character killed someone in the film in the same manner Reed did. Moore-Reed was charged with murder the day after filming stopped.

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