Horror Film Franchise Screams Returns

Horror film franchise Scream has aged well. The clump of films gave way to a series that’s still bringing in the crowds. Add to this the rumor that the Scream franchise is returning with a brand new film. According to Dread Central, the folks over at Spyglass want to bring back Scream in some form – either a reboot or a sequel. All this is still grist for the wind. But there’s a trend of franchise films taking the thread over from the first film and ignoring all the other sequels. Halloween did it with great success and The Terminator did it to mixed reviews.

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The horror film franchise changed the face of horror in the nineties and gave a whole new facet to the horror film genre. The franchise has four films and a tv series under its belt. The tv series was a smash hit as well – and that’s pretty rare in 2019.  The horror film was insanely famous, with reports of copycat murders pouring in back in the nineties as well. However, the franchise has stayed strong and we just hope it does with the new release, whether its a reboot or a sequel. There’s also the question of who will be helming the project. With Wes Craven passing away in 2015, this will be the first Scream content that will not have Craven’s direct involvement.

This is just more proof that horror film franchises just don’t die. Most of the nineties’ horror film franchises are still going strong. Halloween will be a three-film affair. Child’s Play is around in some form or another. One franchise that missed the party is I Know What You Did Last Summer.  That franchise has three films, and the third launched in 2006. Since then, that franchise had died down. Will that see a rebirth as well?

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