Paranormal Activity Reboot In The Works

It’s the era of reboots and remakes. Another 2000 horror film franchise is seeing a roadblock and new turn – Paranormal Activity. Blumhouse is the house behind this one, in collaboration with Paramount. There’s no news as yet about what the film will be about or who’ll star and direct. Paranormal Activity became a cult favorite because of the way the film was shot and because found footage was quite new when the film launched. The last film was Gregory Plotkin’s Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, starring Chris J Murray, Brit Shaw and Ivy George. In this film, a young girl scares her parents out of their wits when she starts talking about an imaginary friend and displays strange behavior.

 Jason Blum was involved in the last horror film as well. He produced with Oren Peli. The latest release in the Paranormal Activity franchise is on 19th March, 202o. The Paranormal Activity was put on the backburner after the franchise started losing money. But the concept was cool enough for the makers to give it another go. The first film was made on a $15000 budget. The third film grossed $207 million, but things have gone downside post that third film release.

Watch the trailer here:


Its nice to see Blumhouse taking on several horror film franchises from the days gone by and turning them into something new and novel. I loved the absolutely crackling trailer of Blumhouse horror film, The Invisible Man. In one fell swoop, they took the concept out of the campy hell it was stuck in and made it relevant – just like that.

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