Horror Film Review: Rattlesnake Is Devoid Of Any Entertainment

Netflix Original Horror Film Rattlesnake











  • Interesting concept
  • Good performances


  • Slow
  • Tame climax

Horror films are becoming the go-to genre for streaming channels and creators of streaming content. Netflix, the big daddy of all budgets, is investing heavily in this genre.  A new horror series or film launching every other month on the channel. This brings us to Rattlesnake, a Netflix psychological horror film that’s hit the streaming channel a few days ago. Here’s the review of this Netflix Original horror film, starring Carmen Ejogo.

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Netflix Original Horror Film Rattlesnake Plot

Carmen Ejogo plays Katrina,  a mother who’s traveling with her daughter, Clara,  through the desert. A flat tire forces her to get out of the car, which allows her daughter to meander, and tragedy to strike – a rattlesnake bites her. What seems to be a simple medical procedure becomes complicated. A strange man meets Katrina in the hospital and tells her that she has to repay for her daughter’s cure,  by taking the life of another man – and she has only seven hours to do that. The film then follows Katrina through a journey where she’s prospecting who should take the fall for her daughter’s survival.

Netflix Original Horror Film Rattlesnake Review

Rattlesnake is another case of a smashing premise that’s let down by a lackluster, underwhelming screenplay. The premise was so capable of creating a cauldron of human emotions and create a scalding picture of the psyche. However, writer-director Zak Hilditch doesn’t jump to the opportunity, leaving us with a  film that trudges on to a bland ending that doesn’t have the audience think, nor does it leave a lump in the throat.

The other problem is the characterization. We don’t know much about Katrina, apart from the fact that she’s a mother. Later in the film, we learn that she has never shot a gun. Even when it comes to the daughter, she is devoid of any character. In fact, her character is around in only the beginning and the end.

This is a psychological, supernatural film with horror elements, so there are no mainstream horror tropes to talk of. Most of the film, Katrina visits various people who she thinks can be the sacrificial lamb and she finds one in the end.

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