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Evil never dies and neither does it get old. With the number of Hollywood horror films and franchises staying strong, here’s adding one more to the list the upcoming Hollywood horror film –  The Grudge. The new Grudge will release in 2020.  The creators have decided to go with an R Rating instead of the regular PG -13, thereby going gorier and nastier. That’s what the director, Nicole Pesce says in this interview. The interview is long-winding. But it has a blue print of what the Hollywood horror film franchise will be, going ahead.

Here’s the trailer of The Grudge, for old time’s sake.

For one, the director agrees that this version of the Grudge will be more western in nature.  He also says that the Grudge for him is not a ghost or a being. For him, it is a curse that moves from people to people.  Pesce is of the opinion that the Grudge will not be a ghost or something else, but a curse. He also says that the curse has come to America. Someone who doesn’t know what he has done  has brought the curse to America.  Reading the interview, we also find out that The Grudge will not be a remake or even a reboot, it will be a continuation. Because in Pesce’s mind, the Grudge series is more like an anthology than a linear sequence of events.

The Grudge has lived on as a franchise since 1998. One thing that’s still standing out to me is that with all a Hollywood horror film like Conjurings and the Get Out releasing, the horror audience still has warm cockles to the horror franchises that we grew up watching. That’s something interesting, and that’s what the ticking heart behind Indian Horror Club. Stay tuned for more news related to horror films and series.



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