Zombieland Double Tap finally brings on the Zombies

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Zombieland is one of my favourite Hollywood horror movies. It’s also my favorite zombie horror film – after Go, Goa, Gone, obviously. I loved the way the directors brought the old rock and new seedling chemistry between Woody and Eisenberg to the screen. Like everyone else, I was waiting for a sequel to this film, and ka-boom, come October 2019, we have a sequel hitting the theaters. It’s always refreshing to see someone add comedy to an age old genre, and Zombieland did just that. Zombieland Double Tap promises to add more of that. With a stellar cast – it actually has three Academy Award Nominees and one Winner, this franchise looks like its about to be around for a long, long time.

Here’s the redband trailer:

The synopsis for the horror film is available, but it mucks up my site SEO. So, I’ll write:

Wody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin and Emma Stone star as a dysfunctional family that’s shooting around, over and into zombies in this Hollywood zombie film. Director Rubein Fleisher returns along with the original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. This time, the film’s story takes us to through the red-belt to the White House. The synopsis tells us about new kind of zombies and some human survivors who are making life difficult for the four heroes of the film.

The trailer is laugh-a-second and go wow-what-action the next. A perfect holiday gift to everyone who’s enjoyed a good action thriller. Woody Harrelson is as his stoic-stony-comedy best and so’s Eisenberg. Abigail Breslin has had her share of horror comedy with Scream Queens. Emma Stone is on the verge of being an industry unto herself. So, this film shouldn’t surprise nobody when it becomes takes out a zillion dollars at the box office.

Come to think of it, if this was one of those 90s Hollywood horror movies in the nineties, it’d be Zombieland: Double Click.

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