The Horror Films Horror filmmakers Want In Ramsay Biopic

Ask any horror filmmaker and actor and they’ll tell you that the Ramsays inspired them to get into the business of scaring people. Today, the Ramsays have won a final victory with news that their biopic is in the making. I will also take this opportunity to say something that the modern media doesn’t. The Ramsays were masters of the digital game much before any of the other directors. As I have revealed earlier, DVDs of their horror films are selling for hundreds of dollars over at Amazon. Even the Blu Rays of Baahubali don’t cost that much. Furthermore, The Ramsays were among the first makers to have their films stream for free on YouTube via the Goldmines YouTube Channel. These horror films have crossed the million and ten million and zillion viewpoint as well.

These are unknown facets of their business. With the biopic, I hope all this comes to the fore. Another thing that interests me is which films will the biopic focus on? Almost every film in the Ramsays’ inventory was colorful enough. A closer read of the book, Don’t Disturb The Dead, by Shamya Dasgupta tells me that all the films had  one or the other unique aspect. So, I asked the current crop of horror aficionados, which films would they like to be focused on.

Prawal Raman, director of horror films like Darna Mana Hain and the more recent Dobara: See Your Evil, had this to say:

The Ramsays were a movement, redefining horror in the Indian film Industry. It’s the thought behind the idea and not just about any particular film. It was all about making horror films a good business proposition. Their pulp horror increased the footfalls. Theirs was low budget and a kind of entertainment which definitely took refuge in the already  “A” certified film .I consider most of their films equally entertaining and almost creating a franchise. They became a brand, it was their branding which mattered, not any particular film  It was their visionary approach which forms today’s so-called ideal business module in the film industry for commercial films

Vishal Furia, whose Lapachhapi changed the way the Marathi audience looked at horror films, had this to say:

Their first film ‘Do Gaz Zameen ke niche’, their inspirations, their motivations and inventing that process.

Shamya Dasgupta, who wrote their biography, Don’t Disturb the Dead, had this to say:

“It has to be the whole body of work, right? If it intends to capture only a bit, the beginning, DGZKN might be best, because that’s a more gripping story, of how they became what they did.”

Sandesh Shenoy, the brains behind Bollywood Crypt, the only merchandise maker who sells genuine Ramsay film merchandise had this answer:

Definitely all the older movies like Darwaza, and some BTS from their unreleased creature horror film, Maut Ka Saaya.

And though nobody asked, I’d put in my two cents. I want the film to be entirely about Saamri 3D.





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