Housefull 4 is India’s First Spoof Film

House Full 4

Housefull, like many other franchises, has gone the horror way. The only difference is that its not full horror – there are elements of comedy for good measure. This proves that the horror genre has a great following, we only need to tap it. I won’t be surprised if I end up covering Gangs of Wasseypur on this website. But before we reach that stage, there’s thing I noticed. Basically, Housefull 4 is Bollywood’s first, full blown spoof film. The kind that they already make in Hollywood.

Spoof films were a thing in the late nineties, but that genre petered down by the 2000s. Its interesting to see that Nadiadwala is giving another go to this genre. To be clear, Bollywood films have spoofed other films, but that’s mostly been a single scene or one there. In Housefull 4, we see scenes that spoof Baahubali, Padmavat in the trailer itself. So, it will be safe to say that the film itself will have a spoof element to it. And don’t forget, there are at least eight deaths in the film, making it a Bollywood film with one of the highest death counts. It will be interesting to see how the director will implement what’s basically a benchmark of Bollywood horror films and Bollywood action films – a very high death count – into what’s essentially a comedy franchise. And of course, the Nawazuddin Siddiqui cameo is the kicker.

Watch the trailer here:

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