Iconic Bollywood Horror Movies Available on SonyLIV

Bollywood horror movies are staple for the streaming platforms. Go to anyone and you will see a number of these movies available. Unfortunately, many of the retro and classic  horror movies are spread all over these platforms and its difficult to know which is where. So, its good news that SonyLIV, the streaming arm of Sony Entertainment has several of these movies available now for streaming.

Here’s a quick list of the Bollywood horror movies available on SonyLIV:


This movie is one of the couple that pair Hemant Birje with the Ramsay Production House. Tahkhana hit theaters in 1986 and is totally masala movie with a generous sprinkling of horror. You can read more about this Bollywood horror movie here.

Purani Haveli

Purani Haveli is another essential watch for anyone interested in Bollywood horror movies. The movie hit theaters in 1986 introduced Amita Nangia and features Ramsay staples like Deepak Parashar, Neelam Mehra, Priti Sapru, Anil Dhawan and others. In this movie, once again, the Ramsays mix a good ole Bollywood plot of rich girl loving poor boy and tweaked it for the horror loving audiences. You can read more about this movie here.

Wohi Bhayanak Raat

Wohi Bhayanak Raat is one of those rare horror movies.  It stars Kiran Kumar and others. In the movie, Kiran Kumar plays a vampire who’s out to seduce young women. His young, male neighbor suspects that he is a vampire, but there’s nobody to believe him. This is one of the rare Bollywood horror movie that kill off the character that Rakesh Bedi plays. This movie hit theaters in 1989.

Dak Bangla

Of all these movies, Dak Bangla is the most unique. The Bollywood horror movie doesn’t just have a zombie/demon and the script found enough space to add the story arc of some bandits living in a Dak Bangla (Guest House) as well. Its a rare Bollywood horror movie that has Ranjeet in it.

These are the Bollywood horror movies on the top rack and going deeper, you will find some obscure Bollywood horror movies like Khopdi: The Skull, Raat ke Andhere Mein as well. Streaming platfomrs, even the homegrown ones, are stocking up on Bollywood horror movies. Unfortunately, the Ramsay horror movies are available only on Goldmines YouTube channel. SonyLIV seems to have struck a deal to stream some of the Ramsay movies. If you have access to SonyLIV, I’d suggest you at least watch Daak Bangla and Wohi Bhayanak Raat right away, because the streaming quality of these two movies is pretty bad, over at YouTube.

Happy Viewing!

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