Indie Horror Movie Demented Snags Angelina Love, Bret Hart

Bret 'The Hitman' Hart is returning to the screen with an indie horror movie.

Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart is a much loved WWE superstar. He reigned supreme on TV screens through the eighties and the nineties and even until the turn of the century. He left the WWE on is own terms and returned on them too.  Now, he is pitching in for the interesting indie horror movie, Demented.

The movie’s currently looking for funds, and there’s a Kickstarter going on for just that. According to the Kickstarter video, the crew has generated around $5500 and they are looking for a total of $18000.

Watch Kickstarter for Indie Horror Movie Demented:

Along with Bret, the indie horror movie also stars Felissa Rose and Angelina Love, a professional wrestler herself. The producer and director of this movie is Nigel Hartwell. America has so many indie movie productions that I sometimes get jealous.

I am sure, if I were to make an American Horror Club website, I’d be flooded with news and interviews about indie horror movies. The Indian filmmakers have yet to get into the indie market. I think, the problem is that the only example that’s harked about is Paranormal Activity, which started out as a small, indie movie but has become a franchise today.

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