Insaan Bana Shaitan: The Bollywood Horror Movie With a Moral Compass

Insaan Bana Shaitan, Bollywood Horror Movie

Insaan Bana Shaitan (1992)

CastDeepak Parashar, Javed Khan, Anil Dhawan, Tej Sapru, Jagdeep, Shreepada, Neelam Mehra, Shagufta Ali, Upasana Singh, Sanjay Jog, Tej Sapru, Bharat Kapoor, Huma Khan
Story, Screenplay and DirectionMohan Bhakri
ProducerDavindar Sohal

Insaan Bana Shaitan released in 1992. This is a Bollywood horror movie with a twist. In the seventies, script writers would add some kind of masala to a horror movie to make it mainstream. We saw it in Mangalsutra and even Ghazab. In the nineties, India was on the cusp of globalisation and newer and weirder stories of crime started smearing out into the public domain. This was the decade when lurid details were left off the front page, but they still made it to the inside pages. Reporting has not become the jamboree it has today, but the rot had begun to set in. So, you had tabloids dedicate enter main spreads to crimes of passion and crimes with redemption. Infidelity has inspired film makers since forever. That concept made a hard entry into the horror genre with movies like Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche.  Insaan Bana Shaitan is a movie in the same mould. Here’s our review of the Bollywood horror movie.


A man, Anand finds out that his wife, Sheela is having an affair with his best friend, Mahesh. Sheela and Mahesh him off and dump his body in the ground, burying the key to the almirah with him. Mahesh returns to the dumping ground to take the key. But before that, Anand has returned as a zombie. He kills off Sheela and Mahesh, and vows to kill everyone who has unfaithful to their spouse. The police investigation begins in the double murder, and their chief suspects are Anand’s brother and his lawyer. The lawyer is looking to usurp Anand’s property, but he is unfaithful to his wife as well. When the lawyer’s wife dies, the police wonder whether his wife was unfaithful. The investigating officer, Rao,  hoodwinks the lawyer into confessing his crime. But before he can put him under arrest, Anand kills off the lawyer.Everyone thinks that the murderer is no more, but the deaths continue. Further, the murders become personal for Rao when a miscommunication makes him the prime suspect in the murders. As the murders become murkier, Rao’s wife, Sita becomes a target as well. Rao now has to save his wife, his professional life and the city. Does he succeed in doing that? You need to watch Insaan Bana Shaitan to find out.

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Insaan Bana Shaitan adds a modern touch to the old trope of demon preying on young women. The story definitely takes the headlines of that era, as well as the stories that became a staple in middle-class households. Mumbai was burgeoning into the metropolis it is today and people were herding in. Husbands were becoming busier, wives were having a sexual revolution of their own, people were mingling with people, away from the prying eyes of the keepers of morality. Everyone knew someone who’s wife left him or who had a second wife, cooped up somewhere in Mumbai suburbs. In that context, Insaan Bana Shaitan hits the nail on the head.

The death sequences are gory enough, the demon is once again a man under prosthetic, but the end result is not that bad. The murder scenes are lengthy enough and with a rarity, the demon speaks! So, you don’t have the staple grunting and groaning.  Insaan Bana Shaitan doubles up as a mystery/thriller and has one twist that’s doubled up. But when the twist hits firsts, its genuinely an aah-haa moment.

The screenplay mixes all the genres that the movie caters to. In the beginning, its an out and out horror. Then, somewhere along the line, Bhakri makes time to depict several socials issues, like the tortured wife and the tortured husband.  As it progresses, Bhakri adds some classic action film sequences towards the end of the movie, making it a complete entertainer for the front benchers.

Director Mohan Bhakri milks the concept to its complete extent. So, you have characters talk about the ‘sanskaar’ and the ‘us vs them’ a lot, before plunging some knife deep into the stomach of the victim. This is a good example of mixing horror with mainstream concepts.

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