Issa Lopez Directs Our Lady of Girlstown for Blumhouse

Alex Neiman

Issa Lopez  gave us the amazing Tigers Are Not Afraid. She’s tying up with Blumhouse to write and direct Our Lady of Tears an adaptation of  The Epic Magazine tale, The Haunting of Girlstown.

The adaptation is about an episode of mass hysteria, with supernatural roots in 2007. The episode involes young girls staying in the Villa de las Ninas, a Catholic Boarding School.

Issa Lopez said:

“The moment I read the Epic article, I knew I wanted to tell this story. I attended a Catholic school in Mexico City and grew up on a steady diet of supernatural visitations and miracles, and of the real life horrors that young girls who grow up in poverty face every day in Mexico, and around the world. I had the chance to tell that story with Jason and his team, producers of such socially incisive genre classics like Get Out, and of so many true horror gems, is a huge privilege.”

Joshua Davis, the co-founder of Epic said,

“Epic spent years tracking down former students government officials and teachers to understand what happened at Girlstown. We learned that isolation can protect us from physical threats but our internal demons follow us wherever we go.”

Jason Blum will produce with Epic’s Joshua Davis and Arthur Spector. Epic co-founder Joshuah Bearman will executive produce. Blumhouse and  Epic Media will produce Our Lady of Tears

Blum has a full house this year. Blumhouse Televison is bringing us a series adaptation of the Pam Huff Case. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis is directing a eco-horror movie with them, Mother Nature, that will talk about climate change horror.  Good times for horror fans.  Also, we have two Halloween sequels coming out in the coming years.

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