James Wan is Reviving Dylan Dog, The Comic Book Series as a Film

Dylan Dog

Bless James Wan. He’s bringing back some of the most infamous titles back from the seventies as a webseries. His latest love-child is Dylan Dog, a foreign comic book series that has around 500 storylines. Dylan Dog is a paranormal investigator. Most of his cases involved everything juicy in the night – werewolves, zombies, vampies and whatnot.  The Italian comic book character became the titular hero in two Hollywood horror movies of the same name. That film released in 2011. Unfortunately, it was a colossal flop. Now that the film is in Wan’s hand, maybe he can spring some magic into the franchise.   According to the press release:

“Dylan Dog” is being developed as a 10-episode live-action webseries based on the popular franchise chronicling the exploits of its titular British paranormal investigator, who takes on cases that usually involved monsters, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and zombies.

Interested in what the earlier film was about? Watch the trailer here:

While we’d still discussing whether to pronounce it as Dylan or Dillan, James Wan said that the comic book series is is favorite . He clarified that his friends introduced him to the comic books. He revealed that he didn’t really understand the dialogues. However,  the graphics were enough to give him a brief idea of what the story was all about. Thanks to that, we will soon have a live action series that will have someone ward off evil that prowls the night. With more than 500 comic books, this could be the beginning of a series of Hollywood horror movies.

It’s very interesting to see modern content creators giving their personal touch to age-old concepts and bringing them back. I mean, if Kevin Feige hadn’t taken his hand out for Marvel, would we have the Marvel universe? I don’t think so. More power to the new age content creators, I say!

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