James Wan is Making Something Called Silvercup

Silvercup, that’s the title of the new Hollywood horror film James Wan is working on. It’s still early stages. Knowing how watertight a Hollywood film production can be, there’s next to no information about the story. However, thankfully, news is trickling down about the cast. Recently, Maddie Hasson joined the cast, which already comprises of Annabelle Wallis, George Young and Jake Abel.

It’s interesting to see that there’s not much information about this Hollywood horror film, even after they have confirmed the cast. That usually means that the concept is mind blowing – and Wan wants to blow your mind only in theaters – or that there’s absolutely nothing about the film that’ll make you want to see it. With Wan’s filmography having as many hits than a click bait title, we are betting that the former’s the case and not the latter.

Ingrid Bisu, who previously wrote The Nun will co-write with James Wan. This could be the R-Rated, non green-screen film that Wan’s been talking about for a while now. It’s good to see the auteur opt out of green screens and things like that. Several Hollywood projects that were decimated at the box office were soundly criticized for the bad CGI.

James Wan stormed onto the horror platform back in 2004 and horror has never been the same. With the Saw series, James Wan proved that he knows what works for the psychological horror/gorefest audience. In 2010, by the time Saw required 3D to be slapped to its end, Wan came up with the Conjuring series, which spun the Annabelle series, which later spun with the Nun series. Wan also has two superhit action franchises under his belt, Furious 7 and Aquaman. There’s also Conjuring 3 coming up, which as we reported, will have the Warrens as adolescents.


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