James Wan Is Next Producing for Universal Studios

James Wan is the man of the moment and everyone’s lapping up whatever he’s offering. He’s the director of straight-up horror movies and superhero movies. Now, the talented man is producing a monster movie. Supernatural writer, Robbie Thomson is writing the script and James will be Producer. The story has shades of Frankenstein and Disturbia. A group of teenagers finds out that their neighbor is building a monster in the basement.  There’s no word on what sub-genre the movie would be in. In the current scenario, the story lends itself to the horror-comedy genre.  James Wan will produce this for Universal Studios. There’s no word out whether the movie is part of Universal’s Dark Universe.

Watch The Invisible Man Trailer here:

Over the past year, Universal has invested a bit in the monster trope. Currently, it has three monster movies in production, a remake of Monster Mash, Elizabeth Bank’s Invisible Man and Paul Feig’s Dark Army. We have the Invisible Man reboot, that’s running to packed theaters, and I’d suggest audiences to go watch it.

It’s good to see that Universal Studios is still paying attention to their dark verse. and hiring James Wan as producer In actuality, The Mummy was the first movie to debut in the Dark Universe. The intent was great, but the movie didn’t do well at the box office. Rumors suggested that Universal would send the Dark Universe home because of the Mummy failure. However, Universal has stayed strong on course.  With Wan making at least one monster based movie, it looks like The Dark Universe is firmly back.

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