Jamie Lee Curtis Returns to Haddonfield in Halloween Kills?

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Jamie Lee Curtis has come out on her own in the current story arc in the Halloween franchise.  She’s pretty stoked about the horror movie.  Halloween Kills is turning out to be the horror movie with the most leaked content. BTS footage showed that the horror movie will return to the Haddonfield Hospital. Then, there was news about some of the characters return in some form.

Watch the Halloween Trailer here:

Recent BTS footage shows Michael Myers sporting a mask that’s starkly different from the marks that he’s worn in the Halloween movie. In fact, keen-eyed fans have pointed out that the mask is similar to the one in the original Halloween horror movie. There are rumors going around, including one that says that Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis)  is actually hand-in-glove with her brother in at least some of the killings.

Halloween Kills is the second horror movie in the rebooted horror movie franchise. The first movie hit theaters in 2018, the first of three planned sequels – Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends. Jamie Lee Curtis returned for the horror movie, and the rest of the cast included Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton and Virginia Gardner.

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