JAWS Reboot in the pipeline? Rumors Suggest So

JAWS Reboot is a possibility. Steven Spielberg is back in the producer’s seat to helm a JAWS reboot. With so many iconic franchises from the eighties coming back, there’s no reason JAWS shouldn’t, or won’t.

The rumors suggest that the new JAWS movie will be a remake of the original, and will another adaptation of the original novel. This means that the reboot will be a clean one and not hunker down under the weight of the underwhelming sequels in the franchise. Also, Spielberg has said that he will never direct a JAWS reboot, so we should have another director on board. I am pretty sure Universal will be looking at someone who’s got horror movie credentials to their name.

JAWS changed the genre of horror movies and brought out the aspect of people facing horror in everyday scenarios, like going to the beach. Spielberg didn’t need an ancient curse or a  haunted house –  he successfully created horror on the sunny beaches of America. The genre has outlived the ‘unique’ aspect. We have the Sharknado, Anaconda and Megashark franchises today.

Watch the original JAWS trailer

JAWS set out a creature horror genre that’s still active. In 2018, Statham drew into the crowd with Meg, a shark horror that’s already snared a sequel. The creature horror thing became so big in the seventies and the eighties and even Bollywood planned to have at least one creature horror, Maut ka Saaya (The Shadow of Death). Unfortunately, that movie couldn’t get a release and is in Shelve-land.

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