Jeffrey Reddick Announces Don’t Look Back

Jeffrey Reddick has given horror audiences one of the most endearing horror franchises of the nineties, Final Destination. He returning to the big screen with Don’t Look Back. Don’t Look Back is a pscyhological thriller/horror that will make the festival circuit soon. The cast includes Kourtney Bell (It Follows) and Jeremy Holm (The Ranger). The other members of the cast are  Skyler Hart, Will Stout, Jaqueline Fleming, Han Soto, Damon Lipari and others

In the movie, a young woman who is overcoming her traumatic past becomes a eye-witness to the brutal assault of a man. She doesn’t intervene and so do several others in the vicinity. Now, all of them become a target for someone, or something.

Jeffrey Reddick is one of the biggest Horror Alums when it comes to modern horror. He started off with Final Destination in 2000 and then went on to write five more Final Destination movies in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2011. He also wrote the screenplay for Day of the Dead in 2008 and was the writer for Tamara in 2005. With that, I think it is time that Jeffrey looks back and recreates another Final Destination. After all, the contemporary horror franchise, Scream is looking to return.

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