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Jitendra Joshi is back in the Netflix original horror webseries Betaal. Jitendra earlier portrayed Katekar in the smash hit Netflix webseries Sacred Games. He portrays a negative character in this webseries.

He plays a contractor/businessman who has given his word to the Minister that him and his mercernaries will demolish the tunnel. With this, Jitendra becomes the antagonist in the series. He has earlier played positive roles and also played a superhero character in the Marathi movie Baji. Incidentally, Nikhil Mahajan, the co-director of Betaal directed Jitendra in Baji as well.

Jitendra Joshi is playing a very different role than his Katekar in Sacred Games. From the rushes, it is evident that he is ruthless and suave, something very different from the characters he has portayed earlier. Here’s an exclusive image from the webseries:

I caught up with Jitendra Joshi and he had a lot to reveal about his character and what he thinks of the horror genre in India.  For the uninitated, Jitendra also played one of Marathi movie’s superheroes in the movie Baji. . Nikhil Mahajan, the co-director of Betaal directed Jitendra in Baaji as well. That review is coming up soon, until then you can the rest of IHC’s exclusive Betaal coverage.

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