Jordan Peele To Revive Universal Monsterverse?

Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele has had mercurial growth. With two films under his belt and one of them an Oscar Winner, Jordan is already Hollywood and horror royalty. According to Variety,  Universal has now signed a deal with Jordan, which gives them first look rights over his projects for the next five years. A first look contract generally means that the Peele will have to first take his projects to Universal and then to anyone else in the market. Reports say that this is quite rare today. What’s also rare is the financial component of the sign-up.

Under the contract, Jordan Peele and his partner will get upfront compensation, operational costs and new backend box office percentages. Currently, Jordan has a bit on his plate. He is now making Candyman, the fourth film in the 90s franchise. Jordan is also associated with Abruptio, an independent horror film about a man who’s embedded with an explosive device. He has to commit various crimes to ensure that the device doesn’t blow him up and everyone around him. Jordon Peele also helmed Us, the spiritual sequel to Get Out.

This also raises an interesting question. Will Jordan Peele be the mind that revives the Universal Monster world? In January, the announcement hit that Blumhouse had taken over Universal’s Monsterverse. Blumhouse is Jason Blum’s brainchild. Both Blumhouse and Monkey Paw Studios produced Get Out. With Monkey Paw Studios signing up for 5 years, there’s every chance that Peele gets to work on the Universal Monsterverse that died a sordid death with the Tom Cruise starrer Mummy in 2017.

The entire entertainment industry is seeing a rare kind of surge, and that’s partly due streaming services like Netflix breaking down the chain of command between content creators and distributors/exhibitors. People working in the horror genre are definitely in for a treat with the sudden upsurge of horror content. More and more mainstream content platforms are vying to create a place for horror in their catalogues.

This is bringing back the director based theme in Hollywood after decades. In the seventies, studios gave more freedom to directors and they became the most important part of the project. But after the super flop Heaven’s Gates, studios once again became the main part of a production.

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