Julianne Moore Is Lisey for Apple+ Series Lisey’s Story

Julianne Moore is all set to star as the titular character in the upcoming Apple+ series, Lisey’s Story. The series is an adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel of the same name. In the novel, Moore is Lisey, who’s picking her life, two years after her husband’s death. As she starts cleaning the house, she comes across some of her husband’s possessions and that starts her spiral into the world of psychological horror. A deranged fan of her husband then stalks, attacks and maims her.


Stephen King will write the script for all the episodes of the series. Along with Julianne Moore, the series also stars Clive Owen, Sung Kang, Dane Dehaan and Joan Allen. JJ Abrams is producing the series through Bad Robot Productions. This becomes another of the Stephen King novels that are coming to the streaming screens. Netflix has earlier brought in a lot of Stephen King stuff, like Gerald’s Game, In The Tall Grass and others. Then again, Stephen King’s book, IT has become a major franchise with two horror movies.

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